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St Paul Rodeo

Friday the 30th Perf

Friday the 30th Slack

Saturday the 1st Perf

Saturday the 1st Slack

Sunday the 2nd Perf

Sunday the 2nd Slack

Monday the 3rd Perf

Monday the 3rd Slack

Tuesday the 4th Afternoon

Tuesday the 4th Evening

Canby Rodeo

Tuesday Aug 15

Wednesday Aug 16

Thursday Aug 17

Friday Aug 18

Saturday Aug 19


Kitsap (Bremerton) Stampede

Xtreme Bulls

Thursday Aug 24

Friday Aug 25

Saturday Aug 26

Roy Pioneer Rodeo

Saturday Sep 2

Sunday Sep 3

Othello Rodeo

Friday Sep 15

Saturday Sep 16


Puyallup Rodeo

Thursday Sep 7

Friday Sep 8

Saturday Afternoon Sep 9

Saturday Evening Sep 9

Sunday Finals Sep 10

Columbia Riv Cir Finals





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